The Beginning: Christian Sound Services was founded by Rod Stoddard. Rod has worked in the Sound, lighting and video industry for over two and a half decades. He began his work in the audio-visual industry when he did sound for bands and continued into outdoor festivals, live concerts, corporate events, video production, and nightclub installation and maintenance. His career continued on an upward path when he moved on to bigger, better and more complicated events and venues.

The Passion: Rod loves the excitement of the sound and video business: reading up on new equipment, the thrill that comes with testing a sound system for the first time, talking about a video deck's capabilities with other techs, and just the general feeling of being an expert in your field. That is why he has stayed in the business he loves, but in a way that fits with God's plans for him helping other people and giving money to charities (a passion Rod followed over the last two decades while he raised money for charities and held fundraisers to help orphaned children and other causes).

The Mission: Rod has always enjoyed working within an industry that embraced values similar to his. Concentrating on helping churches mixes the audio-visual work he is passionate about with his desire to aid organizations both helping the poor and spreading the word of God.

The Future: Rod encourages churches to follow the vision God has inspired in them leading the way to spreading the word in new ways. Christian Sound Services, works with churches to help them reach their congregations in better ways, be it in the sanctuary, on recorded media or even over the Internet. Today Christian Sound Services is located in Long Beach and is a full service company that offers installation and training for Sound, lighting and video for churches primarily in Southern California.
Sound & Lighting Installation