We’ll fill in those seats in the “I can’t hear you” zones and give the choir or Praise band the rich, textured harmonics the congregation deserves to hear – Angelic!

Whether it’s an upgrade or an install, engineers from Christian Sound Services have a menu of hundreds of audio options available, each one optimized for different applications. We specialize in delivering top quality audio and video with a minimal impact on the aesthetics of a sanctuary, letting churches modernize their audio visual systems without alienating older members in the congregation.

Using years of audio/visual design know-how and modelling techniques used in other facilities, we can select the proper system components for your sanctuary, avoiding issues such as dead spots or having audio too loud in the front or too quiet in the back.


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Our Engineered Sound Division focuses our work towards permanent installations of these professional audio systems. We provide our sound systems design and installation expertise to architects, facilities management, and end users of any presentation or performance space (including worship facilities, auditoriums, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, and multi-purpose rooms).

Every person working on the CSS Design Team for your project will be college educated in his specialty and have a minimum of twenty years of experience in the audio/visual industry.

The engineering and installation staff at CSS can provide state of the art system design and fully implement this design with our skilled technicians. CSS has a unique ability to combine imagination, science, practical experience and technical skill in every system we design and complete.


Using advanced computers and software modelling techniques, we are able to select the proper system components for your environment.

We use these computers to test and map out the intricacies of your space so we can make informed decisions on what will work best. Once the system is installed we use separate computer aided software to tune the system for maximum coverage and accuracy of sound.

If you have decided you need a partner with the theoretical and technical background needed to reach today's critical audience, feel free to contact us and let us discuss your system needs and how we can provide the solutions.


We Provide These Services:

  • Design, sales, and installation of commercial sound systems, theatrical and intelligent lighting systems, computer controlled sanctuary lighting systems, LED video walls and video projection systems.

  • Computer-aided analysis of small and large room acoustics of worship facilities, auditoriums, audio control rooms, and audio-visual presentation facilities.

  • Digital and analog multi-track recording studio design.

  • Full on-site and in-house service of commercial sound and lighting systems.

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